Friday, 4 March 2011

why skinny pants and why this blog?

First, let me tell you, I am not skinny. In fact, I have had a problem with obesity for a number of years. It hasn't always been like that, but over the years, and because of a variety of reasons, the fat has kept on coming. That being said, I have also tried to get rid of that fat for a numbers of years and lately it has started to pay off. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months and I know I will keep losing those pounds because I have finally managed to figure out what I needed to lose it.

A few weeks ago, I met my coach (who lives in a different country than I do), and she told me that my jeans were way too large for me and I needed to get some new ones. Oh I new that, I just couldn't find the time, but then I did. When I saw how many sizes I had dropped, I couldn't help myself and just started dancing. After I related the story to my coach, she started calling me "skinny pants", and although I am not skinny yet, I kind of liked it. Hey! I am skinnier than I use to be when I was 75 pounds heavier. And I will only keep getting skinnier. So I chose the name for this blog.

Why this blog? Because I hear a lot of comments and judgments about obesity and losing weight that make me think. Yes, I think a lot! I analyse comments a lot and I do judge too sometimes, but I'm thinking that maybe I can help some people understand how it is really like to be obese, how it gets to that point and how we can help decreasing the problem. I am not going to say that I have all the answers because I don't, I only have my own answers from my own experiences and my own perspective and that's what I will try to convey.

That being said, this blog will not be limited to reflections about obesity and weight loss. It will also be about things that happen to me, things that I reflect upon, things that make me happy and whatever else comes to mind. So there you go. Enjoy!

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  1. I love it!! Bravo to you for being brave and talking about a topic that a lot of people avoid. You go, Skinny Pants!