Thursday, 24 March 2011

Excuse me?

Today I had a new core strength workout to do. I had a hard time with a couple of exercices, namely  the swiss ball push-ups and another similar one. My hands just couldn't stabilize on the ball and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I asked one the coaches where I train if he could help me try to figure out if I was doing something wrong. When I showed him what I was supposed to do, he simply said "I think this is too much for you". Excuse me??? You don't know me, you have never watched me exercise, you don't know what I can or cannot do. My coach gave me this exercise because she obviously thinks I can do it (right coach?). She knows me much better than you do and you think this is too much for me?? I will admit that I wasn't able to do much of those 2 exercises tonight. But does this mean I will never be able to do them or that I shouldn't even attempt to do them? I wonder what he based his opinion on since he doesn't know me. My weight? The fact that I am a woman? The fact that, as he said, even he finds this exercise hard? Luckily, I'm the kind of girl that uses such comments as extrinsic motivation (yes that word again). So you can bet I will do whatever I can to be able to do those exercices. That'll show him! (I may never actually get to show him, but that's not important). Just try to imagine for a second if he had told this to someone who just believed him and gave up...Choosing your words carefully, it's so important. The good news is he did end up giving me a few tips because he realised that I was just not going to believe him without trying!


  1. Of course I believe you can do them! It's almost like I paid that trainer to light a fire under you! Glad you liked the new workout. :)