Tuesday, 15 March 2011

French or English? English or French?

I was wondering if this blog should be in English or in French. Being francophone, the logical answer would be to write a blog in French. Then again, the blogs I read are mostly in English and most of my blogger friends are anglophones. Yes, but if I want my francophone friends and family to read it, it has to be in French because many of them are not that good in English. So the next logical thing was to wonder if the blog could be bilingual. I'm no expert in blogs so I don't really know how to do a bilingual blog. I looked a few things up on google and basically, they say it depends on who you want your audience to be, but the sites I found don't really explain how to do it except to find a good translator. So who do I want my audience to be? My friends, my family, people I know and maybe other people. The more the better in my opinion. So really, I have no choice but to do a bilingual blog. But how??? The only way I figured out so far is to have an English version and a French version, so this what I will be doing for now. Doing a bilingual blog probably means that I will post less often, that is fine by me. It also means that whichever version I do best will probably be the best because let's face it, I am bilingual, but I am not translator. That being said I will do my best to translate the best I can. So for any of you who want to practice your French skills, the adress for the French version is : http://skinnypants1fr.blogspot.com/

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