Thursday, 17 March 2011

About the concept of motivation

I would like to speak a bit about the concept of motivation. This is a word that is being used a lot these days, especially as it relates to weight loss. Many theories and studies have been done with regards to the concept of motivation. And everybody has their own notion of what it means, including me. Personally, I dislike this word very much. People come up to me and say “wow, you’re very motivated to be able to lose all that weight”. In the same manner, many think that people don’t lose weight because they are not motivated to lose weight. PLEEASE people! Do you think that overweight people don’t know that being fat is bad for your health? Do you think that they don’t know that it’s hard on your self-esteem? Do you think that they don’t want to bet fit and healthy and look good? Granted, maybe some don’t. But I guarantee you the vast majority does. The vast majority IS motivated to lose weight. They just didn’t figure out the right way to do it.

If I must use that word, then so be it. I HAVE been very motivated to lose weight for many years. I HAVE tried to do so in a variety of ways. I HAVE made many baby steps along the way that have made me change my habits in more ways than one. And there are things that happened that have slowed my efforts down along the way (like this pain in my thigh right now that makes me stay home with my leg elevated and ice around it instead of going to the gym to run). So, don’t you dare tell me or anybody who is fat that they are not motivated enough, that they are not trying hard enough or that they just need to stick with the plan. It is just NOT that simple. And you just don’t know the efforts they have put into it.

Okay, that seems a little harsh. So, on a more positive note, what does keep me motivated to keep trying? Remembering how I looked when I was younger and skinnier; Thinking of all the energy I will get if I keep losing more; Thinking that I can do it; Fixing myself goals (like running a 5k in September); Having people around me who notice the work I do and the changes I make; Having role models around me who exercise so much more than I do and who just love it; Thinking positive thoughts; Thinking that the day I give up trying is the day I give up on me; and so much more...


  1. Well said...I guess really it is about motivation in action rather than just motivation, right?

  2. Hum...I'm not sure Kelly...I have been motivated for a while and I have also been doing actions all this time. Maybe not the right ones, maybe not hard enough, but it was still there.
    I think that it is about NOT giving up on yourself and keep trying until you figure out what you need!