Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Celebrating little successes

A couple days ago, I mentionned the importance of celebrating little successes. Here are a few examples of things that I have celebrated recently, sometimes quietly, sometimes by telling a bunch of people around me and sometimes by doing a little happy dance.
·    Being able to cover your entire body with a towel
·    Being able to bring one leg across the other without holding it with your hands
·    Being able to run on a treadmill (without breaking the machine or falling flat on your face)
·    Being able to run up to 21 minutes in a single workout
·    Being able to swim 1250 meters in 45 minutes
·    Being able to do an entire spin class
·    Being able to fit into jeans 4 sizes smaller
·    Being able to fit into x-large t-shirts
·    Needing your pants to be shortened
·    Changing BMI categories and going down
·    Feeling your thighs getting smaller
·    Being told that your neck is smaller
·    Being told that it shows that you lost weight
·    Being told by someone that they didn’t recognize you
·    Being able to run to catch the bus without being out of breath
·    Not taking too much space in the bus
·    Switching second numbers on the scale, for instance from 230 to 229.
·    Being told that you inspire people
·    Discovering that you actually crave foods that you wouldn’t even have considered eating a few years ago because you didn’t like the taste, such as plain yogurt
·    Being able to say no to French fries... most of the time
·    Having up to 10 hours of exercise planned in a single week
·    Losing 30 pounds in 3 months
·    Having the osteopath telling you that your foot is OK and that you can run
·    Going from being an athlete to being a couch potato to becoming an athlete all over again

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