Sunday, 22 January 2012

A weekend filled with sports and a certain pair of old skates!

You wanna know what I'm doing these days? Try sports! This weekend was mostly about that, sports. I'm exhausted! But in a good way :)

I started off Friday night with a new zumba class. A friend and I got a good deal, 10 classes for 25$ so we're trying it out. I'm a REALLY bad dancer, but it was fun and it made me laugh.

Second sport of the weekend was ice skating with another friend. It was my first time this winter. Those who know me know that I was an ice skater from 5 years old to about 18 years old. I wasn't the best skater, but I did sit spins, camel spins, back spins, axels, double jumps and a whole bunch of other stuff on those skates. But I pretty much stopped ice skating after 18 except on a few occasions here and there. There was also a point where my old skates didn't fit anymore because my feet had gotten too swollen. I had gotten a new pair, but I didn't use it very often and it hurt every time I used them. I kept the old skates though because I always believed that I would wear then again and I did Saturday. THIS was such a huge success for me! I had a lot of fun with my friend Andrea who was very gracious in letting me brag about all the stuff that I could do and which I haven't been able to do when I was obese (things that seem ridiculous when you know what I was able to do before), things like crossovers, arabesques, back spins, sit spins. Although I do admit the spins and jumps weren't the best and I did get a bit dizzy with the spins. I guess I need some practice!

Third sport of the weekend, maybe I should say "sports", were swimming and running. Yes my friends, I have registered in a triathlon club! This was the second week and this morning started off with an hour of swimming and an hour an a half of running. I am completely exhausted, but feeling good! I might need to do a little less next weekend if I want to start looking for a new bike. I mean, it is kinda weird to be in a triathlon club and not have a bike! I can't really use bixis for triathlon, I'm already slow enough as it is :) Good thing recovery week is coming up!

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