Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Missing the point!

Alright! People seem to be missing the point here! Clearly, I did not communicate what I meant to communicate on my latest post. I've had three people write me messages telling me how beautiful I am in response to my post. I appreciate it, but I just wanna say that I was not fishing for compliments. Now, this may be presumptuous of me, but I KNOW that I'm beautiful! Even, when I was fatter I thought I was cute, so that's really not the point. The point was that sometimes we won't take the time to get to know someone better because they don't look that good on the surface or because they look different from us, but that if you do take the time, I bet you'll find that's it was really worth it. It was not about all the beautiful compliments that I got lately, I love those and I keep those. It was not about getting more, although it's always nice to hear, the point was just that : do not let your perceptions stop you from getting to know someone better and do tell people what you appreciate from them...whether it is physical, emotional, intellectual, social, or whatever... because it's always nice to hear what people like about you! And I am talking about people in general...not me specifically :)

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