Sunday, 31 July 2011

You're beautiful!

One thing is for sure, when you lose 65 lbs, your looks change a bit. In the last few weeks, I have had quite a few people telling me how good I look: “wow! You look beautiful!”; “I can’t recognise you”; “you look really good”, etc. On the one hand, I love these comments, because it acknowledges all the work that I have done in the last 8 months and because it makes me feel good. On the other hand, it makes me wonder...if people tell me that I look good now, but never told me that before, does it mean I looked that bad before? Could people really not see beyond that fat and see what I really looked like before? Some people think I’ve changed. On the surface, I have. I exercise more, I have changed physically, I will allow myself to do things that I didn’t do before. But really...deep down I’m still the same person, a person who loves to help people, a person who tries to be honest about who she is, a person who likes to keep busy, a person who loves to laugh and make people laugh, a person who loves playing games, etc. So really, do me a favour, the next time you look at someone who is fat and you think that he/she doesn’t look that good, take a few minutes to try and figure out who this person really is. You might actually be surprised! You might actually find them much more beautiful than some people who just look great on the surface!

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