Sunday, 18 September 2011

Why don't you sit down?

When you’re overweight, you sometimes have to be careful where you sit down. Yesterday, an overweight woman came sitting next to me. I was role-playing a patient while she was coming in to do her exam. She stumbled a bit as she sat down, but everything was OK. The evaluator later told me that she had worried that she wouldn’t fit in the chair or that she would fall or something and I hadn’t thought about it, but I could totally see that happening. I’m so glad it didn’t though, that would probably have made her real nervous starting her exam.

And that made me think back to when I was overweight and I had to worry about where I sat down because it happened at times. I was always careful of seats that didn’t look too solid and sometimes sat very slowly just to see if it was safe to make myself real comfortable.

I was often wondering if I would fit between 2 people in the bus and sometimes I would have to stay up because I knew I wouldn’t. I still wonder sometimes and I’m happily surprised when I do sit and realise that I actually fit in there with some space left on both sides!

It also took me a while to do exercises where I needed to sit on a stability ball because I worried that it would explode right under me.

I remember a few times where I had to sit on Santa and all I could think of was...poor guy...and I was really careful to put all my weight on my feet rather than on my ass to make it a little easier for him.

So yes...I would avoid sitting down sometimes, not because I wasn’t tired, but never knew. And some of those seats with the handles on the sides were just very uncomfortable...

Now that I think about it though, I never actually fell...maybe because I was so careful about where I sat, I don’t know. And the people I did see who actually fell in front of me were not overweight. They were either drunk or the chair was probably long overdue to break, but nobody hurt themselves. I'm thinking of one instance in particular where my friend sat on a camping chair on my balcony, and the chair just broke and she just sat there in the broken chair for a bit with her ass on the floor and her legs extending outside the chair. It was hilarious! And let’s be honest! It was just plain funny every single time!

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