Monday, 9 May 2011

The turtle, the splasher and me!

When I go to the pool, there are three lanes opened for swimmers. They are labeled slow, medium and fast. Now that is great, but how do you know which lane to use? You can label yourself as a slow, medium or fast swimmer and use the corresponding lane OR you can switch lanes depending on who's in them. I usually go in the medium lane, but sometimes you get a really slow swimmer and you just cross your fingers that there are no real fast swimmers in the fast lane.

The other day, there was such a slow swimmer in the medium lane, let's call him "the turtle". Unfortunately, there were also real fast swimmers in the fast lane so I couldn't switch lanes. I just had to resolve to either pass the turtle or turn around whenever I got close to it. Eventually another swimmer joined our lane, let's call him "the splasher". I don't know where this guy learned to swim but as he swam, he was splashing all over the pool...literally!!

Now let's just picture this for a moment, the splasher coming across the turtle, which incidentally happened to be swimming on its back. The splasher passed the turtle (a few times I might add) and splashed it so much it was hilarious!! It made my day. Take that turtle! Maybe next time you'll go in the slow lane...or not.

Since we're on the subject of swimming, I would like to write a bit about my own swimming history. When I was younger, I loved swimming. I use to say that water was my element, I just loved it. I took swimming lessons with a friend of mine. I dreamed of becoming a lifeguard and if I hadn't been ice skating, I probably would've loved competitive swimming.

At one point though, I failed my swimming class whereas my friend passed it. That's when I started to swim less. Gradually, I also stopped swimming whenever I had my periods. Then it started to piss me off to go to the pool because it took too long to dry my hair afterwards. It didn't help things when I gained weight and I couldn't stand letting people see me in a bathing suit. So many excuses for so long.

Now that I look back on it, I think it's kind of sad because I love being in the pool so much. I've only remembered that a few months ago when I went swimming after my coach mentionned that I should try it. Actually, the idea was to go running in a pool with a running belt because I couldn't start running right away. I had some kind of problem (or excuse) with my foot which eventually got resolved. It took a while for me to accept the idea of going to the pool, but eventually I did and I'm so glad I did. Now I wouldn't have it any other way. I can swim 1400 meters (23 laps back and forth) in 45 minutes. I just love it!

Maybe I'll register for some classes to keep improving my technique. I'm sure some people consider me a turtle! I wonder if I'm a splasher...

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